Handymanic - About Us

Hi, I am Jason Harrison and its nice to welcome you to this site. The truth is I am actually a plumber by trade but I got into making and designing websites around 11 years ago. Quite a drastic transformation you might suppose but I slipped into it easily and at present it simply seems to be "what I do". Even though often I develop internet sites just for fun, I do clearly in addition try to make a little bit of dough from it (to fund hosting and so forth). I should confess I've found it an exilerating challenge, brainstorming strategies and putting them into practice.

I have no idea about yourself, but I have certainly gotten fed up of continuous adverts shoved in my face on websites, incessant pop-ups offering stuff I don't want and newsletters I will never read through, and needing to sign up or login to do anything at all on just about all current websites, which means my email is gonna get the crap spammed out of it and I am no doubt going to use my valuable time on a daily basis deleting all this garbage. I would imagine you feel just the same don't you? I am hopeful you will not feel that way having checked out my website.

Well, whilst you may notice a few adverts here, it isn't jammed down your throat, you'll not see any pop-up windows, you won't be needing to register or logon and you will definitely not get any crappy newsletters or emails. My website isn't dynamic hence stuff isn't going to be continually moving or take forever to load.

It has always been my target to turn out basic, easy to use sites which are hassle free and fast to load. With luck I have achieved this with this website and that you've got what you wanted visiting, or at the very least not been annoyed by it.

I am not actually a handyman myself therefore please do not contact me with any queries associated with property maintenance or to obtain job quotes for handyman services, this site is designed to advise you of the various ways to get a reliable handyman yourself.

I can't endorse or recommend any individual service, I've just indicated some methods for identifying one, the decision is in the end yours.

I would love to to welcome you here again some day soon and thank you yet again for your visit.